Keynote and plenary speakers

Prominent scientist worldwide have already accepted to act as keynote speakers or plenary speakers. The preliminary list and tentative topics are lsited below:

Plenary speakers:

Agustin Estrada Pena (Spain): Capturing the ecological complexity of tick-hosts-pathogens relationships

Kelly A Brayton (USA): Genomics of Anaplasma species

Steve Barker (Australia): Ticks and plate tectonics

Keynote speakers:

Janet Foley (USA): Theory and case studies for invasiveness of ticks and tick-borne disease

Jose de la Fuente (Spain): Tick-host-pathogen interactions: getting closer to disease prevention and control

Richard Wall (UK): Tick abundance and tick-borne disease risk

Gad Baneth (Israel): Tick-borne relapsing fever caused by Borrelia persica, are animals a reservoir for human infection?

Monica Florin Christensen (Argentina): Key Babesia bovis molecules acting at the host-pathogen interplay