How to participate

Eligible participants

The summer school is open for all students in biomedical sciences, veteirnary medicine and biology. Basic parasitology knowledge and medium to advanced English language are needed.


How to register

The registration form for the 2019 Summer School (27 July - 8 August 2019) is available here. The registration will be closed as the maximum number of participants has been reached. Preferably, all participants should register before 15 March 2019.



There are two types of fees:

- for students of the consortium (USAMV Cluj-Napoca, VFU Brno, Charles University): 350 EUR

- for all other students: 500 EUR


What the fee covers:

- transportation from Cluj-Napoca to Tulcea and back (bus)

- transportation from Tulcea to Chilia Veche and back (public boat)

- accommodation in Tulcea (hotel) and Chilia Veche (tents)

- breakfast and dinners in Chilia Veche and Tulcea

- local transporation in Chilia Veche (4WD, boats, mobile bridge)

- access fees, research permits

- laboratory materials

- boat trip for wildlife watching

- drinking water


The fee does NOT cover:

- travel from home town to Cluj-Napoca

- accommodation in Cluj-Napoca

- meals in Cluj-Napoca, meals on the roadtrip to Tulcea and back

- access to swiming pool in Chilia Veche

- alcoholic drinks


What to bring

Expect hot weather during July/August in Danube Delta. Occasional rains micht occur. Bring sun protection and mosquito repellent. Bring your own binoculars and photo camera. Each participant should bring his/her own mattress and light sleeping bag and tent. We recommend that two participants share one tent. Bring field clothes (light style) and swimming suits.

A detailed list with the items we suggest you to bring can be downloaded here.

Credit/Debit cards cannot be used in Chilia Veche. Only cash (lei) are accpeted in all local shops and bars. Participants will have the possibility to widhdraw cash or change money from EUR/USD/GBP in several places in Cluj-Napoca and Tulcea.


Health issues

No specific vaccination is needed. Only bottled water should be used for drinking while in Chilia Veche. There is a pharmacy in Chilia Veche selling basic drugs. Bring your own drugs for special needs. There is no hospital in Chilia Veche. However, emergency services are available from Tulcea by calling 112.