Cluj-Napoca, Romania: 25-29 July 2012



Oral Presentations and audiovisual facilities

All oral presentations must be in English. In order to smoothen the flow of presentations at the sessions, oral presentations are encouraged to be in PowerPoint 2003. No slides (35 mm) or overhead retroprojectors will be available. Speakers must clearly specify in the Paper Abstract Form which kind of audio visual media they need.

All speakers should bring the *.ppt files on USB pen-drives. A PC-based laptop (Microsoft PowerPoint 2003) and LCD projector will be available in each presentation room. You cannot present your talk from your own laptop. You must use the podium's laptop. If you use an Apple Macintosh, make sure that your presentation is readable via PC PowerPoint.

On the day of a talk, speakers will be expected to load their presentations onto the podium laptop in the room where they will be presenting that day. Loading will be done 30 minutes before the corresponding session. Technical support will be available to assist with loading. All talks loaded on presentation room laptops will be deleted at the end of the day.

Poster exhibition

All posters must be in English. The maximum size of the posters should be 140 cm high by 90 cm wide. Poster set-up must be immediately before the poster session in which the Poster Abstract has been included according to the book of the Scientific Programme of the congress. Poster removal must be immediately after the end of the corresponding poster session. The poster boards will display numbers that correspond to abstract numbers in the Book of the Scientific Programme of the congress. You are required to bring your own push-pins for to put up your poster.